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Welcome to the Health Information Exchange Gateway

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) exchanges data with many stakeholders, including providers, hospitals, laboratories, local health jurisdictions and federal agencies. To improve upon our data exchange, analysis, and reporting capabilities, CDPH has developed a secure health information exchange (HIE) Web application, the CDPH HIE Gateway, to register and manage public health data submission to CDPH. Once registered with the CDPH HIE Gateway, you will be emailed follow-up instructions on submitting public health data to the Gateway. The CDPH HIE Gateway launched on October 1, 2013.

Before beginning the Gateway registration process, make sure to:

  1. Set aside 15-20 minutes to complete the process - data will not be saved unless registration is completed
  2. Have all your Organization/Site and EHR vendor/IT technical support contact information available (contact names, email addresses, phone #s). With respect to MU, it is not necessary for individual EPs to register at the Gateway as CDPH will acknowledge MU- qualifying public health reporting per Site.
  3. Define how your Site will submit data to the Gateway (choose 1 of these 3 option):
    1. Directly to Gateway from Site EHR
    2. Through intermediary facility (e.g. HIE/HIO, vendor data warehouse, health plan data warehouse, etc.)
    3. Will operate as HIE/Sending Facility and submit data for other Sites
  • If participating in the EHR Incentive Program, know which Meaningful Use (MU) Stage your Org/Site will be participating in in 2014 and if MU Stage 2, when your intended 90-day reporting period will be (You may need to consult with your EHR vendor or IT support staff to obtain this information).

When you have assembled all this necessary information and are ready to begin Gateway registration, click below on the type of public health data you wish to submit and proceed with registration. Once you have registered to submit one public health data type (e.g. immunizations), registration for submission of other data types will take less time.

Immunization Reporting

Infectious Disease Laboratory Reporting

Cancer Case Reporting

Blood Lead Test Reporting

If you have any questions specific to Meaningful Use, please send your inquiries to

3:00 PM 04/15/2014

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