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California Parkinson's Disease Reporting

California Health and Safety Code (HSC) 103860-103870 requires healthcare providers diagnosing or providing treatment to Parkinson’s disease patients to report each case of Parkinson’s disease to CDPH. Per recent legislation with CA SB97, beginning July 1, 2018, a hospital, facility, physician and surgeon, or other health care provider diagnosing or providing treatment to Parkinson’s disease patients must report each case of Parkinson’s disease to the department, as prescribed. The California Parkinson’s Disease Registry (CPDR) will be a statewide population based registry that will be used to measure the incidence and prevalence of Parkinson’s disease.

  • Implementation
  • Onboarding Process
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Onboarding Process Overview

  1. Register Intent to Report
    1. Create HIE account if necessary
    2. Add Parkinson's to your list of reportable diseases
  2. Determine your method of Reporting
    1. Manual Entry
    2. Electronic Interface
  3. Manual Entry
    1. After registration, you will be notified when the manual entry portal is available to receive submissions.
    2. No additional steps needed.
  4. Electronic Interface
    1. Determine reporting mechanism:
      • eCR HL7 v3
      • HL7 v2.5.1
    2. Determine method of transmission/connection to CPDR:
      • SOAP
      • SFTP
  5. Testing/Validation
    1. Check to see if your message output meets the reporting requirements and is a valid message for your reporting format (eICR, or v2.5.1).
  6. Ongoing Data Submission
    1. Once your message is valid, contact CPDR at and request credentials for development environment to test larger data set.
    2. After development testing and validation is successful, your account will be placed into production for ongoing submission.

Please see the California Parkinson's Disease Registry informational web page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


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