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Before proceeding with registration, you must review the information below.

  • Meaningful Use Stage 3
  • Onboarding Process
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Meeting the MU Stage 3 for Immunization Reporting in California

Registration is required at the CDPH Gateway if you are an Organization/Site that intends to electronically submit HL7-formatted immunization data to any of the 7 former CDPH CAIR regional registries (NorCal, Greater Sac, Bay Area, Central Coast, Central Valley, LA-Orange, Inland Empire) that are now consolidated into the CAIR2 registry. This includes Organizations/Sites that will submit data on behalf of other Sites, e.g. HIE/HIO, vendor data warehouse, or health plan data warehouse. If your Org/Site does not administer vaccinations, you are exempt from immunization reporting for the purposes of 'Meaningful Use' and therefore do not need to register for immunization reporting at the Gateway.

For information on submitting data to other regional immunization registries in CA, find contact information here.

Onboarding Process

Registration will take about 15-20 minutes and must be completed in one step so set aside enough time. Please have the following information ready (you may need to consult first with your EHR vendor or IT staff):

  1. All your Site and EHR vendor/IT technical support contact information (Site name, Site address, Site and EHR/IT Contact Names, Contact Emails, Site and EHR/IT Contact Phone #s, etc.). Individual EPs are not required to register at the Gateway as CDPH will acknowledge MU-qualifying public health reporting per Site.
  2. How your Site will submit data to the Gateway (choose only 1 of these options):
    1. Directly to Gateway from Site EHR
    2. Through intermediary sending facility (e.g. HIE/HIO, vendor data warehouse, health plan data warehouse, etc.)
    3. Will operate as HIE/Sending Facility and submit data for other Sites
  3. Your 90-day reporting period: If applicable, know when your intended 90-day reporting period will be (You may need to consult with your EHR vendor or IT support staff to obtain this information).
  4. In addition, if your Site is 'clinical,' you will need to enter:

  5. Your Site’s Clinical Specialty
  6. Your Responsible Clinician’s Full Name
  7. Your Responsible Clinician’s CA Medical License Number

During registration, your Site will need to review and agree to the CAIR Organization/Site Access & Confidentiality Agreement.

After you complete registration, your Site will receive a Gateway registration confirmation email. If you do not receive this or any other Gateway emails, they may get routed to your SPAM folder so please look for them there. Within 3-5 days you will then receive another email containing your Gateway credentials (ID, password), and if you are a direct submitter, a CDPH Client Certificate that will need to be installed on any computers/servers that you will use to submit data. This email will also contain a hyperlink to the CAIR ‘Next steps’ webpage that contains instructions for submitting immunization data. Please retain these emails for future reference. For general information on the immunization data submission process, go to the CAIR 5 Steps to Data Exchange page.

Test data submission to the Gateway will also be accompanied by automated feedback of test results by email. If you do not receive these emails, please look in your SPAM folder.

Frequently asked questions pertaining to Immunization Reporting with the Gateway can be found on our FAQ webpage under the Immunizations section. To visit our FAQ webpage, click here.


HIE Gateway Help

Immunization Specific Support

Email: CAIR Data Exchange Help Desk

OR refer to the CAIR Data Exchange FAQs for more information

Helpful Resources

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